woot !

Sera was also born on September 3rd! yay! same as me, Hyunseung and Juniel!

is this all


4MINUTE throwback

probably two of the most beautiful girls i’ve seen in kpop recently


irumi moeyo?

4minute is only 11th this week on music bank. it’s 7 places down :(


4minute won again! 2nd win for Whatcha doin’ today.

happy ^.^

Known for their sexy outfits and choreography, girl group A is often hit on by male celebrities for their seductive charms. Little do the men know, but the girls are actually known in the industry for being ‘iron walls’, as in they won’t give in to anyone who makes a move. All of the rejected men often say, “They’re more chic than we thought.”

You know who’s this.

I never regret the past, but it’s really hard.This job as an entertainer, is a lonely path. Especially when I’m walking down from the large stage after a performance, I can feel the emptiness. Waiting alone makes you feel like you have nothing.

-Hyuna Kim

Ami and Shizuka  for  Nail Venus